In freshly uploaded videos, images of what looks like disfigured humans can be seen staring at the viewer, with apocalyptic landscapes in the background.

TikTok channel “Robot Overloards,” touted as a provider of “daily disturbing Ai generated images,” has recently attracted quite a bit of attention online thanks to a couple of macabre short videos.

The videos share the same premise, and are captioned simply “Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken.”

Each video features a collection of images that show disfigured humans staring at the camera, with apocalyptic landscapes seen behind them.

While the images in question might be regarded as disturbing by some, quite a few social media users seemed more amused by them, joking that the scenes depicted therein look just like an average day in their neighborhood.

“They stopped selling makeup to girls??” one netizen quipped.

Each video was viewed several million times, with the first one accruing about 2.1 million “likes” while the second one was “liked” 1.6 million times.

This article was republished from Sputnik News.