From trespassing on private property to stealing food and ransacking campsites, bears and their cubs are notorious for their mischievous activities and often get caught on camera, leaving netizens amused.

In a hilarious incident, a bear was found drunk after feasting on hallucinogenic ‘mad honey’ and was taken a the vet in the forested region of Turkey.

In the video, captured in the Yigilca district of Duzce Province, the bear can be seen whining and in a tipsy state, unable to sit up in the back of a pick-up truck after rangers rescued from the forest and brought her to a vet for treatment.

The bear was gasping for breath as she suffered the after-effects of gorging on the honey.

According to the experts, the bear gorged herself on so-called “mad honey” (‘deli bal’ in Turkish), which is a type of rhododendron honey that can have hallucinogenic effects.

The bear has become the talk of the town ever since the video has gone viral.

Turkey’s agriculture ministry took to Twitter to urge citizens to come up with a name for the bear.

Now, the bear is reportedly in good condition and will be released into the wild in the coming days.

This article was republished from Sputnik News.