The 5th Amendment

CNN “Legal Analyst” explains why pleading the Fifth can be used against Trump

On CNN, Leftists who apparently despise and have a disdain for the individual rights enshrined in the Constitution, tried to insinuate that invoking the 5th Amendment to protect oneself from self-incrimination and malicious prosecution was somehow an admission of guilt. Even Alan Dershowitz, esteemed Constitutional scholar, seemed to think that invoking the 5th Amendment was a mistake.

CNN’s senior legal analyst, Elie Honig, who clearly needs another profession, seemed to indicate that by invoking his Fifth Amendment rights and declining to answer questions from New York attorney general Leticia James during a deposition concerning the Trump Organization, he was hurting his own case. Dershowitz agreed.

However, when we step back and look at the recent behavior of various attorney generals, district attorneys, and even the Department of Justice, particularly towards Donald Trump and his allies, it should be apparent why citizens are now invoking their 5th Amendment rights. Americans may not be compelled or forced to be a witness against themselves in a prosecutorial case against them. Even when immunity is granted, accused individuals or individuals under investigation are *still* not required to bear witness against themselves.

This is not an admission of guilt. In today’s current evironment of the political persecution of all people who support Donald Trump, it is actually common sense and a wise move.

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