Graham Philips sanctioned by his own government

Graham Philips, a British Citizen who previously worked for RT Ukraine, has been sanctioned by his own government in the UK, making him the only British national to be placed on the sanctions list. As he appeals the ruling, all of his bank accounts in the UK have been frozen and he is subject to a variety of punishments without any recourse or due process of law.

The actions were taken by the UK government after Philips interviewed captured mercenary Aiden Aslin in Luhansk People’s Republic back in April of 2022. Government officials have accused Graham of aiding “the enemy” and destabilizing the Ukrainian forces.

YouTube removes the video of the interview

In response to the actions by the UK government, and as part of the Operation Mockingbird narrative that Ukraine is good and Russia is evil, YouTube censored the video and removed it from its platform, siting pro Russian/anti Ukrainian propaganda grounds.

We managed to fid the interview on Rumble, and after reviewing it, while it is anti Ukrainian in the sense that it discusses war crimes committed by Ukrainian forces and in particular neo-Nazi regiments, for the most part we did not find that it was actually propaganda at all. Rather, it appeared to be an interview with a captured mercenary, who had traveled from Syria to Serbia before finally landing in Ukraine, that was having a change of heart after being sentenced to death by the authorities of the Luhansk Republic.

We have provided a link to the full interview below. You may decide for yourself.