Fox News is Operation Mockingbird Controlled Opposition

In an article today, Fox News actually tried to convince the American Public that, according to a new poll by Suffolk/USA Today, the abortion issue was far more important to Americans than the state of the US economy.

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Manipulating Poll Data to Push an Agenda

In the Suffolk poll, the Fox News reporter is quick to point out that 44% are more concerned about abortion, 40% are more concerned about the economy, and 16% apparently don’t give a shit one way or the other. Not to mention the fact that the poll probably has a 20% margin for error. In a word, the poll is fluff and nothing more than clickbait, and the article takes it up a level.

Let’s step back for a minute. Using a little common sense, we ask ourselves, “do the majority of Americans care more about abortion rights or a recession and skyrocketing inflation?” 

Within seconds, our gut already tells us the answer. Most Americans care about their savings, and paying their bills, and putting food on their table while keeping a roof over their head. Abortion really isn’t something that comes to the top of mind for the vast majority of people within the silent majority.

A Weak Attempt at Voter Suppression

So Fox News has an agenda in promoting this story, and it works very well within the confines of Operation Mockingbird principles. On the one hand, the article is intended to fire up the Conservative base, to get them motivated to get out there and vote in November.

At the same time, it is designed to give a false sense of comfort and confidence to liberals that the outcome of the 2022 election is still n their favor and that the Democrats are winning. Combined, these two drivers within the article are a form of voter suppression in that the article tries to influence one group of people to get out and vote via fear and anger while simultaneously discouraging the other group to vote out of complacency and their misguided confidence levels.

All of this of course comes at a time when the current administration  is failing miserably on multiple fronts. Immigration policy, drug overdoses, violent crime, inflation, are just a few of the issues that probably rank higher than abortion in the minds of most people. Now to be fair to CNN and MSNBC, the only thing that they can talk about are Trump Derangement Syndrome topics to keep the flames of TDS alive and well. Of course leftist outlets will also sprinkle in a healthy dose of White supremacy and homophobia to stoke division and fear for good measure.

The point is that this article directly manipulates the results of one leftist leaning polling firm instead of actually communicating to the reading audience the reality on the ground. It generates clicks, makes money off of the ads, and serves the larger mission of generating division and intolerance among the public.

(On a side note, should the United States actually experience another civil war, we may thank corporate media for causing it. A civil war would be great for profits and views.)

Fox News is Controlled Opposition

Purposefully Misleading Readers in the Headlines

Two headlines, next to each other. The first tries to convince readers that abortion is more important than the economy, and the second sppoks readers about inflation, tax hikes, and the economy.

Polling Firms and Big Media are Part of the Propaganda Machine

As we head into the 2022 midterm elections, we should expect to see this type of propaganda to increase right up to election day. Each side will use their favorite polling outfit to justify their position and push their agenda and  narrative onto the masses through ever increasingly inflammatory articles..

Most people will not go to a website like Real Clear Politics and look at all of the polling companies, who they are affiliated with, and how that affiliation skews their polling results. In fact, most people don’t even bother to read news that emanates from organizations that they perceive to be in the ‘enemy’ camp. What we are left with is a highly fractured society that get further entrenched in their views as they look for information that reaffirms their beliefs. Corporate media and their political counterparts know this and feed off of it to perpetuate their bottom lines.

Fake News


All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to.

The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.

CNN and MSNBC will become the Controlled Opposition after 2022

This is how it works. Once the Republicans gain control of Congress, the roles flip and outlets like Fox News and Breitbart become cheerleaders for the government, while still bashing Joe Biden of course. Leftist outlets, now that their party is out of favor, will quickly turn on the controlled opposition machine and attack the Congress relentlessly. It is a never ending see saw of shitty corporatist vomit designed to distract in order to preserve the status quo for mega billion multi national corporations.

And there will still be polling firms. And those firms will still be pushing out meaningless data that can be pounced upon by the fake news to spin on according to their agenda. And the public will still consume it and allow it to agitate their emotional well being as it feeds world spiritual negativity. Operation Mockingbird has gone mainstream, and it now has a life of its own. There is no stopping it, except to stop blindly believing the spew being delivered from large corporate media outlets that are spoon fed by our government.

“The Fake News is the enemy of the People.”

“The Fake News is creating violence.”

“Don’t be rude. You are fake news.”

– Donald J Trump