When people raise contrarian views early and refute the groupthink horde, they are banished and ostracized. Canceled. Unemployed. License revoked. Court martialed. Suspended or expelled from school.

But when the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal begin publishing the same ideas two years later, it is mainstream information. What they had all labeled as “Disinformation”, they are now peddling for eyeballs and web clicks as accepted information. In the process, they conveniently overlook their personal accountability for the damage done to everyone who correctly stood against the mob mentality at the outset by pointing out the potential negative consequences of knee jerk reactions to the situation at hand.

It is a good thing that the corporate media are finally beginning to realize the damage that they and Big Tech have done to society through their suppression of alternative viewpoints. And fortunately for them, there are no repercussions against them for their ill behavior. Can we say the same for all of those whose careers and futures were upended over the last couple of years?

Tolerance and open-mindedness are the buzzwords of today. We call them by a variety of labels, such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but essentially we are referring to tolerance and open-mindedness. Yet when exercised only towards those who agree with the mob, it is kind of self defeating. You get the idea, no need to get on a soap box.

As they said in Salem after the trials, “Well, maybe some of them weren’t really witches. Oops.”

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