G7 Leaders in 2022 

The US-led Western Liberal World Order now finds itself impotent in the rest of the world due to several miscalculations that have backfired on both their economies and their global political stature.

When Russia intervened on behalf of the Donbas Republics in February of 2022, years of planning to take Ukraine away from Russia’s historical sphere of influence was brought to a grinding halt. Despite the warnings from Russia and all of its declared red lines, the West simply chose to ignore the seriousness of the situation that the United States, NATO, and the EU instigated by destabilizing Ukraine for their own geopolitical interests.

Unfortunately for the United States, Russia had made it clear as one of its many red lines that any further eastward expansion of NATO into the Russian sphere of influence would lead to a preemptive military intervention to stop it in from ever happening. When it became clear to the Kremln that the Minsk Accords (the agreement to grant autonomy to the Donbas Republics to keep Ukraine intact as a country) were not in earnest and were merely a ploy to buy more time for Ukraine to enter NATO and then retake the Donbas by force, Russia made good on its promise and took decisive military action against the Maidan Government in Kiev to correct a situation that Moscow perceived to be years in the making.

Predictably, despite all of the bellicose chest thumping and saber rattling from the US and the EU, there was actually very little that they could do, unless they wanted to risk an all out war with Russia, which is clearly something that they didn’t want to do. So given the inability to send troops and equipment, the West did the only thing that they could do – put the government/corporate media propaganda machine into full gear in order to demonize and dehumanize Putin and his evil gang of Russians and then attempt to isolate them on the world stage.

At first, it looked like everything was all going to plan for our Liberal World Order friends. The US and its Western Allies condemned the aggression of Russia as an attack on the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against the “free people of Ukraine”. Western governments passed laws and told their corporate masters to pull all Russian media outlets off of the air and off of the Internet. After all, Western propaganda couldn’t be effective if the masses had access to both sides of the story. Nope. From here on out, the narrative of the Ukrainian conflict would now be under the control of the Western Liberal World Order, with a regular dose of “Ukraine says” or “Zelensky says” thrown into the media mix to get the “facts” straight from the newly minted Freedom Fighters of the West. Of course, while propaganda is good, propaganda alone won’t change the tide of a conflict. The Russians, in turn, simply shut down western media outlets from broadcasting and operating in Russia.

Besides blasting out Operation Mockingbird to control the official Western narrative in the minds of the public, the West quickly did what it does best. It rolled out its infamous unilateral sanctions against Russia, Putin, and all of Putin’s evil oligarch henchmen (and quite possibly a couple of Siberian reindeer herders). Fast forwarding, after thirty rounds of sanctions later by the US and the EU, a curious development occurred across the world. With the exception of the United States and its Western Allies, no other countries supported or enforced any of the Western sanctions against Russia. In fact, many countries greatly increased their trade and cooperation with Russia as the West banished all things Russian from the face of their societies.

Putin has the last laugh

Instead, the economic sanctions unilaterally imposed on Russia by the West have ultimately boomeranged and backfired upon the Western leaders and their economies. , While Europe and the United States reel from skyrocketing energy costs due to their sanctions on Russian oil, oil products, coal, and gas, effectively tanking their economies and driving inflation on the prices of basic necessities, such as food, other countries, such as India and China, are enjoying huge discounts on Russian oil, coal, and gas products and are buying them in record quantities.

 And it is not just the fossil fuel products. Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, India, as well as most of Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East are all buying fertilizer materials and agricultural products in record numbers as well (So much for that world food crisis the West keeps fear mongering about). Russia’s raw materials industries are doing just fine and have simply found new markets that are more than happy to purchase their product. The same could be said about Russia’s diamonds, precious metals, rare earth minerals as well, although in these cases, Russia could just stockpile them for future use and simultaneously create additional stores of value within their central bank.

 So the bottom line is that sanctions do not work when only a small part of the global community support them. In many cases, certain sanctions, such as cutting Russia off from the Western financial system, reinforced distrust among non-Western nations toward the Western Imperialists of history. Such moves to try to force sovereign countries into obedient submission via economic warfare has accelerated the movement of trade away from the Euro and the US Dollar towards alternative settlement currencies, such as the Yuan and the Ruble. The disconnection from SWIFT has only led to the increased adoption of Russia and China’s international settlement platform, Trade among Russia and its partners is happening in local currencies bypassing the Euro/Dollar stranglehold on international trade, and when countries are no longer propping up the Euro or the Dollar to settle their trade, what actual power do the Western nations have over other countries?

 The reality is that the West no longer holds a monopoly over the fate of developing nations. Developing nations now have options, as do the developed nation states of BRICS. The G20 summit in Indonesia and the BRICS summit in China proved this point. While the G7 meeting looked like an antiquated relic from the Western Imperialistic Colonialist past, largely just obsessing about Russia and lamenting the geopolitical loss of Ukraine in its efforts to bring Russia to its knees and surrender to the West, the BRICS countries and the G20 countries were focused on real issues affecting the vast majority of peoples on this planet.

The Rise of BRICS+

While many people feel for the people of Ukraine, the pain and suffering that conflict bring to the everyday person just trying to get by, and almost everyone (NOT the US or the EU) hopes for a quick and peaceful ending to the conflict so that the Ukrainians can rebuild their lives, there are several countries questioning the true intentions of the West. Why did the West continue to pursue NATO expansion to surround Russia? Why did the West support the overthrow of the pro Russian government and install their own Western puppet government after the Maidan Coup in 2014? Why are Western nations emptying out all of their crap weapon inventories and giving antiquated obsolete weapons to Ukraine and supporting a corrupt neo nazi tin pot regime that had eight years to resolve the Donbas issue peacefully and is now willing to fight to the death of every Ukrainian? 

 Many of these countries see the ill deeds of the Western Imperialists and their colonialist mindset. The notion that Western powers alone have the right to set the direction of the world order and any country or government that gets in their way will fall victim to their “righteous” cause has forced many nations to rethink their alliances and neutrality status. Unfortunately, even remaining neutral in the conflict is no longer an acceptable position to the West. You are either with them or against them. And given that China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa and the majority of the global nations are standing firm against US and European strong arm tactics, it looks as though BRICS will become the New World Order and Western Imperialism will finally come to an end as their economic tools of war are rendered useless.